Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
By:Mariam Salama
Grade 5
Sawmill Valley P.S., Mississauga

Home home home… It’s where my heart is. Home means so much to me and it is where I belong. My home is where I learned how to eat, walk and talk and where I meet my family. It’s where I am now. A home is a shelter and it is where I am safe and healthy. In you home you can be you.
Home is where I learned to do stuff like eating and drinking, so I will service. It is where I learned to eat, walk and talk. In my home I learned so many other things. My home is where my parents taught me how to not struggle in my life. I learn from my family every day.
My home is an awesome place and it’s where I belong. It’s a place where all my memories are kept. The word belong is a very strong word. I belong in my home and so is my family. If I did not belong in my home I would not be happy like I am and I will never do family game nights again. If I go anywhere my heart will always be in my home.
A home has a shelter like no other home. A shelter is a place that keeps me safe from bad people, snow, storm and rain. A shelter is a roof on top of your house the shelter is an important thing. If I did not have a shelter, I would be covered with rain. It would be hot from the sun. The shelter will always be there.
Overall, home means the world to me. It’s where I learn, belong, and seek shelter. I belong somewhere in the world, and that is my home. I”m so happy to call my house a home. A home is worth it really worth it.