Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

To me, the definition of home is not a house, it is the feeling of love and security in the air. Home is a place where you can express your feelings whether it is crying or laughing, a place where you feel cared for and understood.You learn how to walk, talk, love and pray.You play in the snow, jump in the raked leaves and go to Mass every Sunday.

I feel very fortunate for having access to food, water and a roof above my head because many people don’t. I am also thankful for having education and being able to learn a new language. People don’t have what we take for granted every day.

Home is a very special place, so we have to love and cherish it the way it is because God gave it to us as a gift of life. More isn’t always better, be thankful for what you have. Not everybody has a home. Your home may be an apartment, house ,condo etc.) Although I have moved 10 times, it is very hard to forget about your home each time you move.

Many people do not have a home, family, love, food, or fresh water. There’s a problem that nobody seems to care about. There are many homeless people who don’t think of home the way I do, a loving and safe place, I wish they could experience that warm feeling of being at home. We have to do something to help them because if we were in their situation we would do ANYTHING to have a home. Each home is unique in its own way, your home may be way different than my home, but your home will always be your home.