Grade 5


Meaning of home

Meaning of home by Miron

Home can be made out of sticks,bricks and stones.
You can make a house out of snow blocks too.
It can even be as tall with 20 stories or short like huts .
Brick houses can be bungalows houses or townhouse.
A home can be built on a hill or on a flat surface .
Even it can also be built under water or on top of a tree.

Home is a really great place to live in .
It is like a shelter against wind ,rain and snow .
Home is a place where you learn a lot of things.
It is a place for a family to gather around.
In a home you can eat ,drink and sleep.
It is where you spend time with your family .

Home has many rooms .
It has a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom .
We could relax,play around and enjoy watching tv.
You could share your love,values and thoughts.
A home is a place you can come back to feel alive.
A home is a place for your happiness to thrive.

Home is a place where your heart is.
A home can be a place to be safe and sound.
Home is where happiness and laughter exist .
We could keep our toys and our clothing and our books.
In a home we could keep our pets.

I am so lucky that i have a home.
Many people in the world have no homes .
They live in huts and also in tents.
Some people even live on the street.
We could help them by giving them the things they need .
I know we could help them to live in shelter homes.

This is what home means to me .
Home sweet home.