Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

Have you ever felt the warmth of your home? First it’s warm and comfortable! Second most people have lots of neighbours to play with if your a kid or to talk to if your a parent or adult. Lastly, you have your family, that’s the main difference of a house and a home!Here’s why my home is so warm!
First my bed is so warm because of my blankets and I get a bonus because the sun goes right through my window so I wake up every day burning! Second, my couch is so warm which explains why my dad always sleeps on the couch.
Lastly, I have a dog and when he is under the blanket he’s like a thermos, like burning hot. That’s why my home is so warm! I live in a complex of 51 houses and most of them are old people. But my neighbours who live just across from me are two boys. Let me tell you about them! Kyle is one of my best friends. He was my first ever friend! He likes biking, running, and sports so he’s fun to have around in the summer! Cody is Kyle’s little brother. He likes video games, soccer and basketball. My family is the whole reason why I live in a home. I’ve got my mom who takes care of me, my dad who pays for my home and my sister who takes care of my dog.