Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of home

Home is a place like no other. You have fun there and make memories. It can never be replaced. I love my home, it is special. I share my home with my Mom, my Dad, my Sister, my Nana and of course me. Home has clean water and good food. I can go home when I feel sad or angry. My home is like a pillow I use it every day. My home is very special it is like no other home. Home to some is very different it can be a big or small to some it might even be the road. I believe all people should have a home, access to clean water and good food. home is also very safe. When I am at home I feel safe. My home is also very strong it can withstand rain storms snow storms and big hail storms.Home is a privilege it should never be taken for granted respect your home and know that your home is unique it is like no other home. It can never be replaced. Home is also to be shared. You can share your home with your parents your siblings your friends and even strangers. Thank you and always remember this is the meaning of home~Home is where the heart is.