Grade 6


Meaning of Home

In my family, l’m the oldest child I have a younger brother and my sister is the youngest, I also have a mom and dad. We have a lot of cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, and family in different places and countries. We also have family members that speak a different language and we sometimes speak that language when we meet them.

In food, we have a whole variety of foods like cheese, bread, fruits and vegetables, we even have a garden in my dad’s dad backyard in Montreal. We use some food in the meals we make like tomato soup, pasta, and rice. We eat many kinds of food from different countries like French food (not bugs), Chinese food, Italian food and Canadian food. We also try food we never try before.

For water we drink clean water, bottled water, tap water, and hot or cold water because without water we can’t stay hydrated and would be thirsty.

In my house we have a lot of stuff and things. In our bedrooms almost all our bedrooms have a TV we have 5 bedrooms, we have a basement not a attic. In the living room we have a huge TV, a Xbox 360, and a fireplace, in the kitchen and dinner table we have a snack drawer, wine drawer and a fridge, a washing machine and a vitamin bin. In the basement we have a fireplace, a cold room, a tool room (for my dad), a bathroom with shower and a bedroom.

I’m happy l live in a house with a nice family and a safe place to live in.