Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Hi I am writing this essay about the meaning of home. Did you know lots of people do not have homes? Well I want there to be no homeless people.

Everyone needs a home because they can get very wet and cold from the rain and they would be very scared what if a very mean person walks by and attacks them? Finally they would have no where to sit that would mean that they would have to sit on the road.

We all have mom and dads and if you have ever wondered why it is to protect you from strangers, teach us about the basics like walking, talking and eating. They are also here to love you with all their heart.

We all need food and water. We need food to keep us healthy and to keep us alive and moving. We need water to keep us from being sick or hydrated.

The home is very important. I believe that everyone needs a proper shelter to make happiness at home.