Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home Contest
By Hannah
(A story)
I have been asked to write about what home means to me. My story is called Home because you should be happy that you have a home and you should love your home. You will think more about that after my story.
Once there was a girl, her name was Annie. Annie and her family had no money for food or drinks. They only got shelter by going under a tree. Annie’s mom and dad did not want Annie or her brother to go hungry. Later on, they came across some people who could give them some money to buy some food! They were so happy!
I hope that you enjoyed my story about Annie and her family. So that is why people should want to donate some money to Habitat for Humanity, so you and your family or friends can have food to eat, and a home to live in.
My home means a lot to me because there, your memories can begin and you can have fun.
From Hannah