Grade 4


Meaning of Home

The Meaning of Home
By Daniella
One day there was a little hedgehog. He wanted to find a good home and go on a good journey. He wanted to find the most perfect home with love, dreams, memories and much more. So one day he went to a bee hive and he looked carefully, but the bees noticed he was there. So they started to chase him, poor little hedgehog. When the sky was dark, the little hedgehog crawled under a tree and then took a leaf and went to sleep for the night.
When the little hedgehog woke up, he saw that his soft little leaf was gone, but he saw a little bush. He was so happy that he started to think about his new home and all the dreams that will come true. Then the little hedgehog took a step into the bush, until he bumped into a big furry raccoon. The raccoon got so angry, that the little hedgehog ran away. The little hedgehog was so sad that he started to cry.
The next day the little hedgehog was so tired. The little hedgehog thought he would finish this journey with no happy ending, but then he realized he should continue this journey.
The little hedgehog walked up a hill, so that he could see the view. But he stepped on a tiny rock and slipped. And the little hedgehog started to roll down the hill. He rolled completely down into a large bush and stopped! Suddenly he saw a nice lake. This place looked like a nice home.
“I think I just found my home!!!” cried out the little hedgehog.