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Meaning Of Home

I believe that home means various things to people. To me home means being together with your family, being cared, and loved from the people you love, having a meal with your family, and protected from harm. All these reasons are important to a home.
In my opinion, I feel that being together with your family is a part of what home is. I don’t think that a home is a home, unless you have important people in your life with you, and knowing that you will never apart. Knowing that when that when a family member leaves, they will always come back. Also, it’s about having fun, and making heartfelt memories. Memories that will always stay with you in your heart some way.
Next, home is about being cared for, and loved. Being cared and loved is more special in a home. Being surrounded by family, and friends who you adore is always a treat. Eating with your family is great. You get to do many things while eating with family. Having a home is great because it will protect you and your family from, animals, weather, and bad people. Regular homes are built out of strong items. But houses built from hand are made out of less strong, items. I think that this is important to a house, because it’s built to keep harmful things out. I think it makes a home more great.
In conclusion, these are all the reasons of why home is so special to me. All of these reasons is what makes my home a home. You are alway with your family, you are always being cared, and loved from the people who you adore, and you can have nice meals together with your family. This is what home will always mean to me.