Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

Home is special, a place you feel safe. A place you can sing, laugh and play. Not all people have this grace for this is a problem with the human race. We take it for granted because to our advantage we have a food to live okay.
We have so much money its even funny how we can’t give that one person that dollar a day. They might look rough or even a bit scruffy but so do you when you just walk away.
Having shelter is needed but those who have it don’t see it. We sleep in a cozy bed. Well others sleep on the bare glacial ground instead. Most people say it’s not that serious and to stop making a fit.
Sadly, they’re saying that because they’re not living in it. So stop reading or watching about it help out and give someone money too because as a human it’s the least you can do.

By: Sindy