Grade 5


Meaning of Home

It doesn’t matter where it is but everybody has one.
Home is where the love is,
Home is where you eat and sleep,
Always the place where you keep,
What you keep nobody knows.
Home is where you roam,
Learn to love your family.
Fight with all your might because one day you could be right.
You might have pets and if you want pets that could be where they’ll be.
Home to me that’s where I’ll be with the key to life and eternity.
But don’t ever think that you don’t have a home,
You might have just not found the key.
But home for humanity can get you that.
WE WILL help people find they’re homes so they can roam and have the warm fuzzy feeling that we share.
That fun feeling that I’m pretty sure we all get when you find out that you’re getting something that you will appreciate.
I know that I get that warm fuzzy feeling or the feeling that just makes you toasty and comfortable.
Even if you don’t have much you will always have a home, because a home is not a house.
Home is a place where you can basically do anything you want to do unless you’re a kid.
That is my meaning of home. And remember…nobody’s meaning of home is the same.