Grade 5

Waterdown Ontaio

Meaning of home

My home means to me. A place I can relax and people in my home love me and care for me by giving me hugs. I can have lots of fun in my home with family , pets , and friends . In my home we have six pets, two dogs, one cat, and three fishes.Sometimes,we don’t take care of are home but we always try. It can be very busy.In are home we celebrate holidays like Easter, Christmas , Thanksgiving , Halloween , saint patricks day , birthdays and Canada day.

Things I like to do with my family are bake with my mom, go to the park with my dad ,watch dance moms with my sister Taylor , I like to do crafts with Hayley my other sister.In my home my family is loving but sometimes loud my sisters can be annoying but they can be nice and loving.If someone ask me what dose home mean to me ,I would say a place I can get loved and cared for . A place I can play and relax . In my neighborhood my best friend Rebecca and we play mostly every day and if she was not in my neighbourhood I would not have fun.My home means lots of things to me.