Grade 6


Meaning of home

A home is a hard place to say bye , always so safe as you sit by the fireplace. Home is the one that makes you feel fun. Just like a game of eye spy, while the rain comes down from the sky.

A place so bright just like the morning light. The best place is home just like my little sister that hasn’t even learned how to whisper. Home is a smile that makes your heart jump with a style, Like the place were you laugh until your belly flaps.

Home can be a country always so close to your heart and yet so far apart. A place where you play your own way as you sing a song on the microphone. A home is a place that will never leave your heart just like a homemade butter tart. It is my best friend for the times that we spent.

Home is the place where you have a good night sleep just like my little sister falling to sleep to the sound of the bla bla black sheep. Home is a place that will never leave your heart, that keeps families together even if your oceans apart.