Grade 6


meaning of home

A home is a place where fights and laughter come from.home is like something that you appreciate because some people don’t have homes but they soon will have a home.It’s like a place that you never forget because of all the fun stuff that you did there.When you bring new stuff inside it’s like your home gets happier.

My family was so sad when we left India and our home because of all the bad and good feelings that happened there and when I came to Canada at my uncles house I was always banging in to stuff because I remember my home in India. Imagine that you would be leaving a home that you spent most of your life in and imagine how the people who don’t have homes feel and how they would feel when they get a home.

Every single letter we write helps, so imagine we all wright one letter from all around imagine how many people would be helped.What is the meaning of home for you? For me the meaning of home is were your always welcome or always safe in.So imagine if 35,158,304 people wright a letter every single person who doesn’t have a home would be helped in Canada.