Grade 6


Meaning of home

Home… you heard of that. Not all people can say that well I’m lucky enough to have one and they don’t the know feeling of when your smile is the brightest its ever been. Because you have a place to stay. When family’s cant feel that it just breaks me up inside.

I wish I could give a home to those that need one. I would but my house is a bit small and my family can barley fit. I am lucky that I will probably be moving next year but some people cant say that they have to say in there tiny home.

Home is a place where you laugh or cry

Where you watch hockey on that couch where you eat pizza rolls

Where eat sleep and watch t.v.

Where arguments happen and always solve them

Home a place where you do sleepovers

Where you watch the leafs or watch the raptors

When you run down for Christmas and

watch it snow

Hopeful that made you think about what people with no home or have a small home.

so please help out to give the feelings of having home so I think my case is done. So don’t take too long cause someone is waiting for a home and may have waited so so long.