Grade 6


meaning of home

When I see the word home I think that it’s a place where you feel welcomed because it is your house and you feel comfortable when you walk in it. Its where you make memories with your family like when you learn how to walk or when you learn how to read. My favorite memory is when my brother and i woke up on Christmas and ran down the stairs and saw all the gifts it was really fun to open them all. and if it wasn’t my house it wouldn’t feel the same because my brother might not be there and my house is were i grew up so it feels better to b there for Christmas. I think home is a place where you make memories with your friends like when my friend went downstairs I told him to walk upstairs and he ran upstairs and I had whip cream on a plate than I put it in his face it was really funny. I think that Home is also a place where you feel comfortable because you have a place where you can sleep and you have a fridge full of food that you could eat when ever you want and some people don’t have that. You also have fresh water to drink and people that love you. That is what I think when I see the word home.