Grade 5


meaning of home

Home is something special. It is a place to feel safe by yourself and with someone. But some people don’t have homes I don’t know what to do but other people might. But let’s talk more about home. What does a house feel like? I think a house feels warm,cold,kind,loving,and happy.there is no bad things about a house to me because I love happy people and happy things. I love happy because you won’t hurt anyones feels and nothing will be bad . Some people are bad and destroy houses. But other people help to build the houses again .what noises are in a house? Noises In my house are music,dogs barking,shouting,sometimes you will hear fighting,and you will hear the tv a lot. My house is big because a lot of people live in it. We used to live in a small house but we moved because we needed a bigger house. My house has lots of different colours in it. On the inside my mom and dad choose the colours for down stairs and everyone gets to choose the colour for their room .but all of that stuff I just said doesn’t apply to everyone .

What a home means to other people. Home to other people means bad,cold, nothing ,boring and outside because they don’t have a home. So help build homes to support family’s who need them.