Grade 5


Meaning of Home

You know those where you feel tired, sick and sad and you think to yourself, “I am so excited to go home.” Why is this? Well, home is a place where you feel loved. For me, home is a place where I can laugh, cry and be as crazy or funny as I want to be because home is a place where I can be myself. My home is filled with with happy memories, sad memories and all the wonderful time we spent together. On cold days I can go into my home and feel warm and cozy. Home is where you start. My anchor. The same reason that when you first turn on the computer it takes you to the “home” page. See, home is like a building. It’s your foundation for all the rest of your life, your start. Where you build all your confidence and learn all your lessons.
But what about the people who don’t have homes? Those people don’t the opportunity to experience the feelings of home. They aren’t taught life lessons and they don’t build self confidence. Home is a place that most people take for granted. But they shouldn’t because not everyone has one. Just sit down and think for a moment, what would you do without a home? Your life wouldn’t be a very happy one. That’s why I think that Dorothy was definitely right about on thing, “There’s no place like home.”