Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home


Care makes me feel accepted in my house, and that’s what makes my house a home. If people didn’t care about me, then my home would be wood, nails and a dome. I try my best to care. In return, I hope everyone returns the favour. Being cared about is like eating ice cream of favourite flavour.
Peace is like a quiet and tranquil blanket, one that is as cozy as can be. That blanket is important for me, because peace is what makes my house a home. Peace is freedom from strife and quarrels. It’s silent, still, calm, and the sense of security. I know this because I looked it up on Google Chrome. Peace is like walking through woods or down a river. When you sit at the river’s edge, or in the trees, all you can feel is calm. That’s what peace is to me, and it’s a feeling that I have. I’m writing this because to some, peace is only a feeling they crave. Happiness is important to me, because you cannot buy it. The only way you can be happy is by working with compassion and honesty. That’s what makes my house a home. My home is fun, my home is cozy and comfy. There are couches, chairs, beds and furniture. But there are people who have no couches or beds of foam.
I’ve told you about happiness, but what is happiness? Different people have different definitions. For me, it’s a comfort, a luxury, and it makes me feel great. Happiness has a value, but not in dollars and cents. It’s a virtue, and it can’t be bought at the dollar store. Happiness is awesome, and when I do this and raise money, happiness will be shared by more.