Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home

What does the word home mean to you? To me the word home means comfort, family, love, pets, and good memories. Every summer my family and I go camping ( ,all my family even my grandparents go sometimes my aunts and uncles to.) But even though I am enjoying myself it doesn’t feel like when I am at home. That feeling it just doesn’t feel right. It feels like when you’re missing that spot where you felt you’re home should be or could be.
Most of the word home is comfort. It just makes me feel comfortable. What comfort means to me is a safe place to live( my home or my grandparents home, not a plain old lonely building.That is what a home is it is not a structure made out of wood and paint. A home is not at all close to a house, its totally different, a house is a structure and a home is a comfortable, healthy and somewhere you trust.) Love is also part of the meaning of home to me. Partly because I feel loved when I am at home with my family.
Love also feels good. Some people don’t have a chance to feel that way we feel when we’re at home with our parents which is really good feeling but it is really sad but I feel everyone in the world living right this moment should at least have that feeling once in there whole life. Honesty is also important in the word home for me. Me and my family have lots of honesty running are home because that’s what we feel most comfortable with running around in the home safe and sound. When you lie it is called dishonesty in my home, because you’re lying. That’s what home means to me.