Grade 4


Meaning of Home

A home is when all your memories are made. It’s when family comes to your home.When we Celebrate Eid family and friends come to our home. Last Eid my cousins came over,all the way from U.S.A. I was so happy when they came. I play with my cousins. My favourite spot to play is my basement. My sister and I also play games in the basement. Whenever we play a game I lose

My favorite spot to relax is on my bed because it’s soft I wish I can sleep on it forever.we celebrated my sister’s 13 birthday my mom and dad got cake and presents. My dad, Evan got a $70 clock and it can change color.I got a stuffed dog.

In my house some weekends we go somewhere.Like last weekend we went to a restaurant.On new year’s eve me my mom and my older sister stay up. last new year’s eve we all stayed up and ate sandwich cookies with creamy chocolate in the middle and two hard cookies covering the chocolate. It was delicious!

My home makes me feel safe.We should be thankful for our home.Many people don’t have home’s so we should be really thankful for the homes and things we have.