Grade 6


meaning of home

What Home Means to Me
Aydin Thomspon
Home is where it is a loving, caring, cozy place, It is where my family is, where I am loved and where I feel the safest.
Home is where I have food, water, clothes and everything I need. I love home.
When I think of home , I think of my family these are the people I live with my my dad, my two sisters
Adeline and Celeste even though my sisters get on my nerves once and a while they are still my best friends. Nobody is more important than my family.
To me home means love. It is always there, and it will never leave. Whenever we, say goodnight or when someone is
leaving we say, I love you. You can tell there is a lot of love in in our home
because we are a hugging family.
Home is a place that I am safe. My home gives me shelter, and I am thankful that I
have a roof over my head and a warm place to sleep. Some people are homeless, so I am lucky that I am not
Home is where I have family, it’s where I am loved . That is what home is means