Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Home is really means everything to me because it’s
where I feel free to do whatever I want and working hard to get there.My home make’s me feel comfortable to say anything and I can share me feelings and memories at home.When I look at things like pictures of my dad and I at marine land when I was three years old and I remember that day.My home has every thing to survive like me food and water.My home is where I grow up and what I mean is growing up as a fun person. It’s my home and it’s where I sleep,eat,relax,have fun and so much more.My home is always filled with giggles and laughter My home is where I can make mistakes and where I can learn from them and move on.My home is more than a home it’s almost like a caring loving family.My home, I love it and I always will,My home!!!!!!!!!