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Meaning of home

Home. It’s a great place to share memories. Like the first time I had a birthday party with all my friends, or when me and my family had our very first Christmas. Home is a roller coaster. The good, the bad. Mostly good. The love, the hate. Mostly love. The ups and downs through life, is all at home. Home is a place where you feel loved. The loved one at home, the ones that make
you feel loved, safe, happy, and calm. The ones that make you feel like your home. Home is a place where you feel happy, sad, angry, scared, and lots of other emotions that you can’t really explain. But whatever you do and feel, it will never change you’re home. Home can sometimes let you down. Sometimes home can make you feel worse because it’s not perfect. Home is not perfect. But that’s okay. It’s normal. Home is a place where you can spend time with your family and have a great time. Whether it’s watching a movie together or just having dinner together, home is where you can cherish all if that. In conclusion, home is an amazing place everyone should experience because if you aren’t then you’re missing something amazing.