Grade 5


meaning of home

My home is full of memories. One of my memories is when I had a sleepover in my home. It was fun. Another memory I had is when my dog died, and I was really sad. My home is full of happy and sad memories.

I have lots of pets. I have a dog named Bronco and I also have chickens, ducks, gooses, pigeons and rabbits. I love all my pets. All of my pets are nice except this one big white goose. When ever one of my favourite pets dies, I feel really sad. My emotions are mostly happy. I am happy when I’m playing with my dog. I am sad when my sister picks on me. My life is full of emotions.

There are a lot of things to do I can play video games, watch movies, play with my dog, run around and a lot more. Now you know there’s lots of things you can do at my home.The thing I like to do is run around or ride an A.T.V. in the forest next to my home. Sometimes when I am in the forest I see deer and other animals. I like to see wild animals.

When I am home I feel safe. When I’m home I feel happy because I know I won’t get hurt. Home is a good place that everyone should have. I love my home. My home is the best place ever.