Grade 6


Meaning of Home

The Meaning Of Home

Home is a place where you feel safe. Where your dreams and hopes lay waiting for you to take another bite of happiness. Each day there is a wave of excitement rushing through your veins. A home is where you feel your first real emotions. In your home you may feel joy, sadness, disgust, enraged, confident, curious, determined, disappointed, guilty, and even in love. Your home is the roof over your head, your shelter. Your home is your best friend. It’s comforting, safe. You will always feel the best you can be in any situation. Your home is always right there when you need it. You will always need your home. A home is a place where you can talk about anything and not feel like you are being judged. A house is something completely different. A house is a place that isn’t happy and comforting. A house is not your friend, it is like a stranger. Just there to watch you, judge you. Everyone deserves a home. Everyone should get a home and everyone will.