Grade 5


Meaning of home

Home is one of the most important parts of your life.You make memories there or just hang. You eat there and you sleep there. When it’s hot, it cools you down. When its cold, it warms you up. Company comes over,family and friends. At home you can be you or whoever you want.

But… some people don’t have one. They don’t have food, they don’t have a bed or a roof over their head. They are never cool in the summer and never warm in the winter. I think that is not fair that not everyone has a house.They either rent houses or even live on the street. I am very lucky to have a houseful of food.

Sometimes it’s more than one person without a house. Sometimes it’s a whole family. They should be able to have that special feeling that I do when I get home from school or when I wake up in the morning.

At my house I have friends to play with and bikes to ride, activities to do and have pets to take care of. It has my bed, my blankets, fresh water and healthy food.

Home is special
Home has family
Home is where you live
Home makes memories

My family makes my home a home. All my friends make my home a home. Pets make my home a home. Home has everything I need. That’s what home means to me.