Grade 4


Meaning of Home

What Home Means to Me

The Bullied Boy

By Giovanni A

One day there was a boy named Rorri and he did not have any friends. At recess he got bullied by older kids. He did not have a house and their family was very poor. The next day the same thing happened, but a boy in his class named Gus stood up to the bullies, and soon after Gus and Rorri became best friends.

Rorri and Gus asked every class in the school to start a fundraiser to help people that don’t have a home. They made so much money that they were able to buy Rorri a house. They had so much money left over, that they decided to help other poor families buy houses of their own all across the county.

Their school also got involved in helping loads of people all across the country. And Rorri and Gus became best friends forever!

The End

And this is what home means to me!