Grade 5


Meaning of home

My home is very special to me because of my family. I have a sister a mom and a dad. My home is very comfortable to me in the winter because it feels like it is summer when it really winter outside. Outside it can get very chilly because where I live it can get very cold once it down to -20
sometimes we watch the hockey games on the couch in front of the fire. In summer it can get really warm once it got up 37 so we put the air conditioner on. Sometimes we open the windows for the breeze of fresh air.

There is a lot of feelings like love, happiness, anger and sadness. My home is very fun most of the times we are all happy and sometimes there are sad moments but over all it is mostly all happy feelings.

We celebrate lots of holidays like, Christmas , Easter, halloween and thanksgiving. My favorite holiday is really all of them because they are all spending time with family and friends. Another thing is not really a holiday is are birthdays.
In my house there is three bathrooms, four bedrooms but we only use three the other is used for my Dad’s office. We have a living room, a tv room, a kitchen, and a unfinished basement with a tv and exercise equipment. We also have a backyard with a deck and a climber. My favorite room in my home is the tv room and my room because i like to watch tv and play on the computer in the tv room. I like to watch tv in there. I like my room because it is where i sleep it leaves a comfortable place to fall asleep.

My favourite season is fall because it’s the time of season when the leafs start to fall to the ground. It can get really messy