Grade 5


Meaning of Home

You look outside of your home window you see a man on the street sidewalk with no home with no food and you just wish that he could have the life that you do.

This is what home means to me and this is what I wish everyone should have.

When I am at home I feel I am welcomed and that is one of the feelings that I strongly feel at home. When I am at home I always feel that I am accepted by everyone at my home. This means that my family plays an important part in making me feel valued not only as a person, but as a brother and a son. Every night at the dinner table i am welcomed by my family who support me everyday and appreciate who I am. Home is a place I can be myself and that is a great feeling to have at one of my favorite places in the world.

When I am at home it is like the smell of pancakes being cooked on a saturday morning. You wake up and you are happy to to be at a safe place with all your favorite people.To be at a great place having a great day with your with the people that you are with everyday. Then you can spend time with your family at your home and you are having the time of your life doing that. That is what home means to me.
And it feels great.

The End