Grade 4


Meaning of home

I was born a very fortunate child I had a awesome home since the day born and I have not moved since! Home to me means you feel very safe,loved and happy it also means you see love and laughter. For example I see my nice sisters laughing at the dinner table,I see my parents laughing together at a funny movie. I smell fresh baked cookies & delicious food my amazing mom makes with my sisters. I hear my cousins playing outside, I hear my parents talking on the couch.

I love my home I have made many fun memories there, like the time I was 2 and I was trying to chase my cousin who was 3 and my older cousins were playing ring around the rosie and I bumped into one of my cousins and fell and started crying, the funny part is that my dad got the whole thing on camera . My parents love me and I love them alot & I am super glad I can first of all comeback from school to a beautiful home because some people don’t have a home to come home to. I am also grateful that I have family members who love me to come home to.

I am super happy that I have a smart teacher that told me about what was happening in my community and about all the people who go home actually I should not be saying home so… they come back from school super hungry which is really sad. So yes our world is not perfect but can we do something about that!