Grade 4


Meaning of Home

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If You Like Your Home?
Once there was a boy named Choi and he was very poor. He just had as much money as he needed to get a school. Then it was all gone. His first day in grade 1 was about to start. When he got to class it was literacy. He didn’t have the materials he had a wood pencil case wood eraser. When he was doing his work there was one big rough kid named Josh. Josh pushed over Choi wall the teacher was printing something. Then Josh called choir loser boy. After allot of years a new student came in grade 4. He was very smart his name was carl. Carl was very sad that Choi didn’t have the materials that most of the students had. Then carl became to like choir and they were now friends. One day at school they were asking questions. Choi asked Carl do you like your and how does it look like. Choi said I like it and it is a wooden shed. But it would be nice if I had an okay house. So Carl decided to raise money from most of the kids in the neighborhood. It worked perfectly.
They donated 3000 dollars. Choi was very happy and he got an okay house. And if it wasn’t for Carl nothing would have happened. Choi has many dreams and memories. So it comes to tell you that it doesn’t mater if you have an ugly house it maters if you like the home. Home is always there for me.
By Darie