Grade 5

Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home

Home is a place where were loved and cared for,
Home is a place where you are welcome when you come through the door.
Home is a place where we’re all friendly,
Home is very exciting you see.

Home is a very big space,
Home is where you see my beautiful face.
To live in Canada you shout with glee,
To live in Canada true north strong and free.

To get a home there is a price to pay,
But when you get that home you shout hip hip hooray.
I have a nice and warm bed to sleep in,
But I know some people don’t have a bed and that makes my head spin.

In our home we always have to be true,
But when somebody lies we think shame on you.
So let’s build a home together as a team,
To help the poor and people in need.