Grade 6


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home

Meaning of home to me is a safe place to live, you have luxury and your family.

Meaning of home to me is a place where I feel safe and protected. A house protects you from bad weather such as snow, rain and hail. It protects you from insects and animals such as birds, bees, mosquitoes and bugs. It keeps you insulated and warm from cold. Our houses are strong and are made up with strong materials such as cement, bricks and more. The first nations had to live in a weak house made with mud, grass, hay and straws. Their houses protected them from animals but it didn’t give them protection from weather.

Meaning of home to me is where I find modern luxuries. I watch T.V for fun and can sleep in a bed comfortably. We can cook food whenever we want. We get clean food and water to drink and eat. The first nations people didn’t have clean water to drink. We also have laundry machines and dryers which wash our clothes. People who don’t have a laundry and a dryer they have to wear stinky and dirty clothes which upsets them. An elementary school in the U.S>, Gibson Elementary, in St. Louis installed laundry and dryer machines which increased their attendance.

Meaning of of home to me is my family. In a house you can stay with your family such as your grandparents, brothers, sisters, parents and other members. If your family is upset about something you can cheer them up by making them laugh, playing with them and talking to them. Whenever there is a festival like Christmas or Halloween, your family can celebrate it together.

In summary, meaning of home to me is a safe place to live, enjoy the luxuries and stay with your family.