Zhe Fu Spencer

Grade 5


Meaning of Home

A home seems universal to all human beings on Earth. However, a home to me isn’t just

a house or any sort of living space, it means family. If you have all the

money and fame on earth, but have no family, you will feel empty. A good home is

never perfect, as no one in the family is the same.

When I open the door to my home, I don’t expect a five star hotel or an immaculately

kept place. I look forward to seeing someone who is just waiting for me to come home.

Once I walk inside, everyone loves me and would help walk me through hard times.

Living room is the place where I go when I have nothing to do. We don’t have a giant

room with mountains of toys. Instead, ours is a cozy smallish place that I can be with

my little brother who is dear to me. Though we fight often, we forgive each other in the

end. At home, we share our feelings, cry and laugh together.

In dinnertime, I never foresee to eat anything of luxury or of a feast. The food

sometimes may taste horrible, nevertheless, I do appreciate that a lot of love and effort

has been put into my meal.

I usually go to my room after dinner. It is a safe haven where I can hide myself in peace.

I never expect a huge bedroom equipped with the best things, but I am more than

satisfied with my humble little private space in which memories are born.

Everyone naturally wants something better as they achieve more in life. To me, my

biggest achievement I may ever accomplish is to have a home that makes me at ease.