Grade 6


Meaning of home

Graydon Meaning of Home. Oct.27,2016
Love, warmth, happiness, memories, toys, safety, family, friends, this is what home means to me.

I really love my home
It’s a place that I can roam
There are lots of memories there,
That I can share,
Day after day,
it is where I stay,
It’s where I eat food,
Puts me in a great mood,
It is where I sleep,
And keep,
all the fabulous memories,
with my friends and family
It is where my mom, dad, brother, and sister live,
And where we can give,
It is like no other
living with each other
But there is one problem
That we can definitely fix
Some families don’t get the opportunity to live in a home.
If we all work together
It will help poor families get out of the cold and hot weather
It will help everyone live a great life forever.