Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is a very powerful word. Home is a place where you should feel happy, comfortable, safe, and feel loved. Think about the people who don’t have a home. They don’t feel those things. It’s really important to have a home. I feel really bad when I see a person walking on the street who doesn’t have a home. The words home and house really don’t mean the same thing. Home is a place where you should feel safe happy and loved, and a house is a structure, a place where a person lives. Of course they’re both important they’re just different.

Now, I’m going to tell you a story that I made up: A little girl was walking in the park. She was looking at all the families playing together. She wished her family and home were still there but they weren’t. She didn’t even remember her family or home. All she could remember is being alone. That girl doesn’t feel safe loved and she’s not happy. If a girl doesn’t have a home I would understand why she wouldn’t be happy. The girl got to the end of the park path, and saw a big, tall scary looking man. Was she scared? You bet! The man got closer and closer. He looked at the girl but said nothing. He dropped a coin in the girl’s hand that was half opened. “Th-th thank you.’’ The girl said with a scared sound in her voice. Being alone isn’t fun. The girl threw away her fear, walked up to a lady and said, “Hi, I don’t have a family and I’m alone.” The lady looked at the girl and whispered to herself “Oh poor girl.” The lady looked at the girl, took the girl into her house and said “This, is my home and now its yours too!” The girl smiled. They became a happy and safe family and they both felt loved. The end!

Now that’s a story! A happy girl with her happy new mother, in a safe home where they’re both happy and loved! I wish that could happen in real life all the time, but sadly it can’t right now. Maybe it will one day!