Grade 4


Meaning of Home

A home is made up of three things. A home is a place that you can go to , A home has your family members and it also has your belonging’s in it as well .

A home is a safe space because no one is allowed in unless you allow them in .
It doesn’t need to be a house it just needs to be a place you can go to belonging’s and family members in. Here are some examples a car, A hotel and a shelter are all safe places because you can lock the doors.

Your home has all of your precious belongings.
You get to decide what you want and need to take.We will take the most important and unforgettable items. It does not have to be precious . For example a toothbrush ,toothpaste ,brush ,pillow/blanket ,toy/stuffed animals.

The most important part of a home is it has to have family.
Love by pets ,siblings,grandparents and they don’t have to be biologically related they just have to love you .

A house with nothing in it and no family is not a home . A home needs to have family , belongings and it is a place that you can go to to feel safe.
A house is made of walls ,floors , doors and windows and a home is made of family , belongings and a home is a safe place you can go to .