Grade 4



Meaning of Home

My home means everything to me. My home is a nice place to live in. I feel loved and protected.

In my home I have everything I like. Like my videogames. I have these stuff so I don’t get bored.

I feel loved and protected because my family loves me and cares about me. My family guides me and protects me. In my home I feel happy joyful secured and welcomed. In my home I have my mom dad and my sister Nicole. My home is also peaceful.

In my home I have food water and my electronics. I have food and water so I don’t get hungry and get thirsty. I also have my electronics because electronics are fun. My home also has toys because toys are really fun. I also like my home because my home has pencils and erasers so that I can draw and do my homework. I also have beds and couches so that when I sit or lie down it would feel comfortable. I also have board games because I like spending time with my family and having fun with my family. I have shelter because shelter keeps us safe. Without shelter rain and snow will be going in our house. And I have books so I can read. I also have money so that I can buy items. Without any of these stuff there would be no way to survive and it would be really boring.

That’s what home means to me and why I like my home.

I feel happy because I have everything I like. I have shelter food water books games electronics and my family.