Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home
I think it’s wonderful to own a home. At home you can watch movies with your family. You can have meals with your family. You can express your feelings at your home. It’s also wonderful to own a home because when it’s really hot outside you can use AC and cool off inside your home but, someone homeless doesn’t have a home to cool off in. When it’s cold outside, you can turn on the fireplace or heater and stay cozy. Someone homeless would be sleeping in the snow and cold all day and night.
` If I had no home and I had to live outside during all seasons, I would net feel warm, cozy, excited or joyful instead, I would feel sad,lonely, left out and too hot or too cold!
Home is a HAPPY place to be.
Home is an OVERJOYED place to be.
Home is a place where you can make MEMORIES
Home is an ENTERTAINING place to be.
Home is loving, fantastic, amazing, awesome, wonderful, warm and cozy and, you can make memories with your family. You can decorate your home for holidays and have fun with your family!

I hope we can help all of those that don’t have a home and give them one so they can feel the way we do and have the privileges we do!