Grade 5


Meaning of Home

Home is cozy,home is loving,home is a place to cry and relax but sadly we all see people who are homeless. When i was younger i saw a homeless man and i asked my mom what he was doing and she said”he was homeless.” so even from this day on i think does he have a home? Will he ever have one? Is he feeling what i feel everyday when i get home? Will he be cozy ever? But the biggest is, is he okay? My home is everything to me it is somewhere where i can cry,where i can be loved werei can sleep,wherei can eat,where i can drink,where i can relax,where i can be warm,where i can be mad and most important to be with FAMILY.Now i really hope that everyone else who doesent have a home to live in and who doesent feel what i feel at home or not so lets make everyone else feel what WE feel like in our homes!!! So let’s try and reduce the amount of homeless people and poor people around the world!