Grade 4

Courtenay BC
British Columbia

Meaning of Home

The meaning of home

A to me home to me is like your fort in the forest where you go to get love by the forest animals, more like your parents. A home is where you can run and hide from the outside world and come into the inside world and cuddle up with you family. Some people do not have enough money to feed or even liv so that’s why there is Habitat for Humanity. They give people with no home a chance to own there own a home and me a chance to have this contest for the homeless. My family and me love each other but we need to stay healthy and that’s why as I write this it makes me feel so sad. This morning I was watching TV and there was a commercial showing a little kid who was dying and all I wanted to do was feed that kid and love her.. My grandma is dying right now but my family doesn’t have money to fly to see her in Ontario but that’s why I love my home because when I found out I started crying. What a home means to me is to make memory’s and cry and heal. My mom said, it’s my mom so I knew how your feeling. so my brothers and my dad and I all sat down and my mom told us a story about how loving of a mom she was and we all sat down and want to sleep together in the basement and ignored the thunder. What home means to me is a place to feel warm and drink hot coco and share the wows and maybe not so good ones and share memory’s and life with new ones and spill as a baby and give and cry even a senior.

By Savanna