Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Meaning of Home Contest
A Story of Love
By Esther

There once was a lonely boy who had no family and he was really sad. And then there also was a girl named Sky, and she wanted a brother for Christmas. Sky was a pro snowboarder and she had a nice family.
One-day Sky found the lonely boy on the street and asked him if he wanted to have a nice family, and he replied “yes.” And Sky invited him to join her family. And she learned that his name was Josh. And so his new sister Sky loved him.
And one-day Josh tried doing hockey. He slipped really hard on the ice with his leg and his sister Sky was worried. And so she ran to the hospital to help Josh get help.
At this time Sky’s parents called her, but she missed their calling. And she missed one of her snowboarding competitions. Sky was really worried and she ran with her snowboard to the hospital. And luckily Josh was only a little bit hurt.
Sky ran and hugged Josh. She loved Josh, and Josh loved Sky. They never fight to this day. And Josh finally healed.
Josh’s sister Sky became the best snowboarder. And Josh also became really good at hockey.