Grade 4


Meaning of Home

Home is a place where all of your emotions are expressed to your family. When they interact with you, they understand you. Your family will listen to your screams at night as they shake the beams. Home is a place where you learned to do anything you wanted to do. You did it! You walked, you talked, you waddled and fell but you got up on your tiny feet again. And don’t be sad when someone goes, they did not leave. They just went to sleep and had a wonderful dream. They still think of you just like you do back to them. Anything you do they will cherish. You look back and go back in time to those same emotions your family used on you. That’s how you know your amazing personality, your family will never push you. They think the best of you and know that you are already the person you should be to never fight with a friend. Your family loves you.