Grade 4

salt spring
British Columbia

meaning of home

Home Is a safe place for me and my family where I can go when I am sad or had a rough day at school or any time.

I haven’t lived on Salt Spring my whole life. I use to live in holland until I was about 3 and then we moved to Canada.

We did not go to Salt Spring right away, we moved to Bowen first Where my Granny lived AND SHE still does. we lived in a little cabin beside my Granny’s house. i would always go to my granny’s house for breakfast, lunch, and dinner unless she was gone but that didn’t happen too much.

we lived there for about a year and in that time i went to preschool and all of that stuff. i must admit it was quite a nice place to grow up and live for a little of my life.

But what is home really?

Home is fun
Home is positive
Home is safe
Home is where your parents are
Home is a gentle place

My special garden song
My home is where i sleep at night ,
my cats snuggled
Up nice and tight.
My cats are sweet and like to play all day.
My home is like a turtle’s shell old inside but sweet as well.
My garden full of vegetables, gets picked at in every way, by birds like sparrows and robins,
All the way down to the roots,
Where sometimes a mouse hides like a little scaredy goose.
The mouse runs away as i walk down the stone steps in the early morning sun to water my plants.
The birds, bees and butterflies
Fly around in the warm air as
I walk down the stone steps
Watering my garden…
I love my garden.