Grade 5

North Saanich
British Columbia

Meaning of Home

I love my home because it makes me feel happy that i have a home. Home doesn’t have to be a building, It can be a feeling. So like a place that makes you feel cozy and nice, So if you are homeless then you can make friends, Usually friends are fun and the help a lot. You could set up a nice place where you could do what you want, and that could be your home. A forest could be your home. You could do mindfulness and yoga to help with the feeling of home. You could make a daily routine for mindfulness and yoga because yoga makes everyone’s problems go away. You could even start a stand so you could make some money. What I’m Trying to say is that home can be anything. Home is a feeling not a place. A house is something different. Thinking about homeless people makes me sad because they’re not as lucky as we are. They can’t get jobs or anything. That’s why this contest is important, to help homeless people. This is what home means to me.