Grade 5

North Saanich
British Columbia

Meaning of home

I love home because you feel comfortable and safe,
you can keep your hobbies.
I like electricity because I can keep my aquariums running I can also be warm with heating and air conditioning for different times of year, refrigeration and other stuff.
I can have plants and pets such as my my succulents especially my pets. I have healthy food
and drinks. I love hanging out with friends, family and pets one of the things that makes Home is petting my cat and listening to her calming purr and relaxing with my family.

If I was homeless I would be very sad.
It would be hard to do anything getting food shelter would be a everyday challenge in the fall through winter the weather would be horrible and freezing you would either have little or no money which would limit your hobbies or supplies. If you donate to the homeless It’s a great thing to do even a toonie or a loonie may bring someone out of poverty.