Grade 6


Meaning Of Home

Home is where you have shelter and where you sleep. It is where you learn to walk and crawl and even run. Home is where you keep all your valuables. When I hear the word home, I think of all my things in my home like; my family, my dog, my clothes and all my things, and my room. I also think of my adventures in my house. All of the sleepovers, birthday parties I have had since I was 5. I also think of happiness I am always happy in my house, because I know I am safe. So I am writing this because I want everyone to feel safe and happy in their home. I want everyone to have a shelter to live in

Joy is what I feel when I am in my home when my brothers and I are fighting over the basement or when we get our butts kicked by my dad in kickball. There is a bunch of things you can learn in your home.
Home is unlike any other place!!