Grade 5


Meaning of home

Home is the place where you feel safe, make memories, and do your mistakes and change it. Home is not just a house, home is a building that is full of love and happiness.
Home is where you learn things that you never knew.
A home is where you eat the 3 meals and that’s not you all do at home you pray to make our home joyful and safer house.
Each individual people should have a place to spend the night where they can be sure everything will be alright.
When people feels like hope is lost they should have a chance to keep them from the frost right now we can give that dream a start only if we have kind warm hearts.
There is a routine in my house and no surprise to expect but to do chores to have a tidy and clean home. A home is just a mistaken for just a house a home could be an apartment, a mansion or a hole for just a mouse as long as It’s love by one’s heart and soul it’s a home in a person’s life that plays the greatest role. A house is considered as a shelter to keep you from harm. A home is a building with full of love and happiness and If you get lost you can always be found, just remember you’re not alone because home is always near by you.